Lockdown fun: pizza night

In an ever-changing world, more and more people are looking at different ways to entertain themselves at home. Recreating their favourite foods in their kitchen has become a huge trend. Nearing the top of the list is homemade Pizza night: or how to become the greatest pizzaiolo.

Pizza nights are fun! They are family-friendly dinners where the kids and grown-ups can get really creative with their own choice of toppings. Whether it is sweet, savoury or a bit of a mix, everyone can experience and have some fun. Cooking together also provides a great opportunity to bond and spend time together as a family.  It is a great  way of getting your kids in the kitchen to teach them how to cook some fresh, homemade food. Who knows? They might even give new foods a go.

One downfall, cooking with kids can get messy… Deli Dough helps to alleviate that mess, well at least a little. Freshly made using organic and vegan ingredients, our dough is homemade following an Italian, family traditional recipe and freshly frozen for your convenience allowing you to enjoy the moment. We only use the finest ingredients, making you and your family safe of nasties. We care to offer a fresh and organic homemade pizza dough free of preservatives and sugars.

Deli Dough, pizza fun for all the family without the mess, just delicious, perfect pizza every time.