And the 2020 Great Taste Award goes to…

Massive congrats to us Deli Dough, our Organic Vegan Pizza Dough is a 2020 Great Taste Award winner.

The Great Taste Awards is the largest and most trusted accreditation scheme for fine food and drink... Every year, over 500 experts, including selected chefs, buyers, fine food retailers, restaurateurs, food critics and writers gather to fastidiously blind-tasted food product for a period of 60 judging days.

Great Taste offers a unique benchmarking and product evaluation service. They look for truly great taste, taking into account the texture appearance and of course quality ingredients; they like a good aroma, a decent bite to a sausage, a smooth lemon curd; but ultimately everything comes back to taste.

Described as “A really well-structured pizza dough with great rise, forming a nice crisp exterior and a pillow-soft heart. This is a tasty versatile product that has been well seasoned."

"These are totally workable pizza dough balls, giving an excellent fluffy rise, a great crust and all set up to welcome a garlic butter sauce. The salt seasoning is good. Simple but good.”

Thanks again to all the people involved

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